Our Legacy Additions

Lots of our families choose a legacy addition to add to their nook. These are from a range of items we make from felled wood, to make a nook more personal.

Made by our team, these legacy addtions are always under review, making sure that we don’t add too many of one item, and to meet new needs as we discover them. A good example are the bird baths we have introduced this year as a trial. They are made by our team, and use a few fixings as possible.

What is available?

  • Bench
  • Vase
  • Plaque
  • Bird tables, feeders, baths and houses
  • Specialist wildlife houses e.g hedgehogs
  • Habitat piles

The idea of these items is to support the family, but also to support the woodland. They offer something useful to wildlife.


One way in which Woodland Burial Company is different from other operators, is that we do not charge renewal fees. This is to make our prices transparent, but also to allow for different choices in the future. Our legacy additions are bio-degradable. They are intended to slowly become obsolete and their impact on the earth as they degrade is minimal, even positive.

What this means is that your plaque, or bench, etc will not last forever. You can then choose to replace it, or not. While we encourage people to take care of their chosen additions, it’s also important that no chemicals or plastic/glue ‘fixings’ are added to make repairs.

Our choice of brass plaques, over other options, is because it has a negligible impact on the soil as it degrades, unlike other metals.

Brass Cleaner

For those who would like to keep their brass plaque shining, a simple solution is to take a clean cloth (old t-shirts are perfect) and squeeze half a lemon on top. Add a sprinkle of coarse salt and gently rub the brass clean. We can make small repairs, to add a new screw, but once the integrity of the plinth or plaque is gone, a new one will be needed.

Legacy additions should degrade, leaving no negative impact on the woodland or its inhabitants.