• Who are Woodland Burial Company?

    We’re an alternative burial company that provide lasting, personal and private places to inter your loved one’s ashes within beautiful woodland surroundings. You can find out more on the About Us page.

  • What services do you offer?

    We offer a range of personalised and flexible services, including family nooks, ash interment, tree planting, and burial or interment ceremonies. You can read about our services in more detail on the What We Do page.

  • How are you different to other alternative burial companies?

    Our woodlands are managed, not manicured, and protected for a minimum of 199 years meaning you’ll never have to worry about your plot being redeveloped. What’s more, once you’ve chosen your plot, it will always be yours, and we’ll never ask you for a renewal fee.

    By choosing the Woodland Burial Company you can rest assured that you, or your loved ones, are making a real difference by contributing to the creation of a sustainable natural habitat for many years to come.

  • Where are your woodlands based?

    Our main site is in Chesterfield, Derbyshire but we plan to continue expanding as we grow, so that we can protect and conserve as much of the UK’s woodland habitat as possible.

  • How much do your services cost?

    We can personalise our services to suit all budgets and requirements. Prices start from £387 for a non-demarcated interment, up to £6,150 for a private memorial family nook. Detailed prices are available upon consultation.

  • What happens when I choose to bury my loved one with you?

    The first step to making a decision is to book a consultation with one of our dedicated team members who will listen closely to recommend the right options for you. Read more about our process on the Pricing and Purchase Process page.

  • Do I need permission to scatter ashes?

    The law on scattering ashes in the UK is fairly relaxed, and you can even scatter or bury ashes in your garden if you wish.

    Unfortunately, you cannot always control what will happen to the land you scatter your loved one’s ashes on – it may be redeveloped, or you may move house, and your special resting place could be compromised.

    However, large volumes of ashes can be detrimental to natural flora. So, although scattering the ashes of your loved ones in a special place is not going to cause a problem, it is not something that we can allow in our woodlands.

    For details on how our woodland plots guarantee a forever place, please read Our Promise.

  • Where can ashes legally be scattered?

    Ashes can be scattered almost anywhere, as long as you have full permission to do so from the landowner. However, there are a few serious considerations to be made before choosing your loved one’s resting place; most importantly whether it will still be accessible to your family in years to come.

    Back gardens make a lovely personal choice, but people often move house, and local parks and public woods are always vulnerable to development.

    Unfortunately we cannot permit the scattering of ashes in our woodlands as it would be detrimental to the natural flora and fauna. Ashes generally have a PH of 11.8 and a saline concentration around 200 times greater than any plant species can tolerate, serious consideration needs to be given to how this is neutralised prior to interment.

    For guaranteed peace of mind, why not consider our range of personalised and flexible services? Go to the What We Do page to find out more.

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