Our Family Nooks are designed for families who wish to rest their loved ones together, or for anyone looking for a private space that they can truly make their own.

Woodland for the interment of your family’s ashes

With at least 1,100 square foot of space per Nook situated within our beautiful natural woodlands, you’ll have plenty of room to pay tribute to your loved ones, and reflect on your memories of them in peace. We can arrange the interment of your loved ones ashes into ground in a way which avoids causing damage to the nature around them, and encourage wildlife to flourish.

You can even add your own personal touches including native trees, shrubs, bushes and even wild flowers to make your Nook unique. We welcome any additions you wish to make so long as they do not damage the woodland habitat or ecosystem.

We promise that all of our woodlands are protected for a minimum of 199 years

A percentage of all fees paid to the Woodland Burial Trust to guarantee their safeguarding. This ensures that our woodland spaces become managed habitats for an exceptional variety of animals, birds, plants and trees. This lasting legacy doesn’t only help to restore the environment it creates an oasis of life in which the natural world can truly thrive.

Visit whenever you like

Once you’ve chosen your Nook, you’re free to visit all year round. Our memorial woodlands are open 365 days a year, but do call if you are travelling from a long distance as we sometimes close the park for short periods to carry out essential woodland work.

  • 1,100 square foot of your own dedicated space
  • A special pathway entrance
  • A secluded spot for added privacy
  • A marker stone
  • An interment ceremony.
  • Room for up to 4 interments or burials per Nook (the standard fees will apply)

Did you know?

Each Family Nook will offset approximately 3.8 tons of CO2 over 199 years – more than the average person produces every year.

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