We offer full woodland burials within the tranquil and peaceful setting of Granville’s Wood.

Throughout our lives we develop affinities with certain plants, animals and trees. We all have our own fond memories of a carpet of bluebells in the spring, climbing grand oaks as a child, or befriending a cheeky robin in the winter. Each plot, or nook, is created bespoke to the wishes of the deed holder, personalised with woodland legacies.

Our woodland legacy list is designed to provide memorials with a lasting positive impact on the woodland and the nature that lives there. From tree planting to owl boxes to hedgehog houses, the woodland legacy list can help personalise an area and encourage the fauna and wildlife to thrive. For the full legacy list and prices, see our pricing page.

Burial nooks

It is only natural that people take comfort in knowing where their final resting place will be, in the same way that husbands, wives, partners and family members often wish to be buried or interred close to loved ones they have lost.

We have divided the nooks into 3 simple options that we have found achieve most families wishes.  We are happy to tailor the nooks upon request.

The nook options range from the individual to multiple committals and can have full committals along side the interment of ashes if requested.

Arranging our burial has become an absolute joy. Within the space of just a year, we have worked hard with Simon and his wonderful team of like-minded colleagues to plan and set up our Glade where pine trees have been cleared; native trees, shrubs and flowers have been planted; an owl box, a hedgehog house and a habitat pile have all been constructed and put in place.

Ms Tiddy, Customer

For more information and nook prices, see our pricing list.

Having a woodland burial does require certain small adjustments to traditional burial. These include the types of casket permitted. We do request that eco/degradable caskets are used. Most funeral directors can access these, or they can be purchased from the Woodland Burial Company direct.

All the changes required for compliance with green burial practise can be resolved directly between the Woodland Burial Company and the appointed funeral director.

For more information and nook prices, see our pricing list.

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