We offer a range of memorials, they differ in size and price. If none of our pre-designed memorials fit exactly with individual wishes, we are happy to work out bespoke memorials upon request. We never re-use a memorial area. All memorial options are designed to provide peaceful, tranquil spaces that provide as much privacy as possible.

Granville’s wood is privately owned by us and protected for a minimum of 200 years. After the 200 years, the woodland is passed to the Woodland Burial Trust who are instructed to continue managing the woodlands in conjunction with nominated wildlife charities. We have a heavy onus on the ecological health of the woodlands and have management plans to ensure the habitat develops into a thriving reserve. 15% of all our revenue goes directly to the trust to ensure that the management of the woodlands continues throughout the 200 years on the deed of grant.

With the pre-purchase of plots, we issue a deed of grant for burial or interment and simple documents detailing the process and the steps required at the time the plot is required. We recommend that this is held in three places. A copy with the will and final wishes, a copy with the individual and a copy on record with the Woodland Burial Company. The deed of grant will be specific to the plot and its location within the wood. If a funeral director has also been pre-chosen, we recommend that this information is shared so we may liaise with them.

We can’t receive pre-payment for burial fees for pre-purchased plots. The burial fees will be charged at the time of interment.

Our Price List

Option 1 – Woodland Scattering of Ashes – £250

A woodland scattering consists of an organised scattering at a pre-designated spot within the woodland. The area that the scattering takes place can be decided prior to the day or on the day.

We don’t place a marker stone for the scattering option, we can arrange a woodland legacy or a tree planting upon request. Any additions will be subject to the relevant additional charges.

Option 2 – Woodland Interment of Ashes – £350

Average plot size – 50 square feet

A woodland interment is the placing of the ashes into the earth, effectively it is burying the ashes.

This can be done either in an urn or the ashes placed loose into the earth. In both instances, the use of RTN is mandatory.

There is the option to also plant a tree, choose from our legacy list or any request that fits with our ecological values.

Additional fees apply.

Option 3 – Tree Planting/Living Memorial of Ashes – £850

Average plot size – 250 square feet

A new tree planting living memorial, this is the planting of a native deciduous tree from the list of appropriate species for the chosen wood. The tree can be planted either directly on top of the ashes or beside them. The tree will be between 6-8ft tall, it will be cared for until it is established. Living memorials can be added to all our offerings.

Additional fees apply.

Option 4 – A Family Tree for Ashes – £1,050

Average size plot – 250 square feet

A family tree plot is a living memorial as above or, can utilise an existing appropriate tree within the woodland. A family tree plot allows the interment of up to 5 ashes around the same tree. Two interments are included within the fee and additional interment fees will apply for the following 3 interments.

Option 5 – Private Woodland Nook for Burial & Ashes – £4,500

Average plot size – 1,200 square feet

A private woodland nook is our most private and spacious option. A nook allows for up to 4 more burials, ash interments or scatterings within the space. Marker, burial or interment costs will be applicable to additional committals within the nook. Woodland Legacy additions can also be added to a nook.

A tree planting can be added to the nook for £100.

Option 6 – Woodland Burial Nook for Burial – £1,750

Average plot size – 200 square feet

A woodland burial nook is for full committal. Current burial fees apply at the time of comital. Woodland legacy additions can be added to a woodland burial nook. Current burial rates applicable at time of committal.

A tree planting can be added to the nook for £100.

Option 7 – Double Woodland Burial Plot for Burial & Ashes – £2,450

Average plot size – 250 square feet

A woodland burial nook is for full committal. Woodland legacy additions can be added to a woodland burial nook. This plot allows for two full committals or a full committal and an ash interment. Current burial rates applicable at time of committal.

A tree planting can be added to the nook for £100.

Woodland Legacy Additions

As well as the standard memorial options, we also offer woodland legacy memorials. These are all based around the improvement of the habitat for targeted species and will assist in ensuring a rich diversity of species. Woodland legacies can be added to any of the memorial plot options.

  • Tree planting (inc tree) – £500
  • Hedgehog houses – £350
  • Owl boxes – £300
  • Habitat piles – £150
  • 2 Squirrel proof nesting boxes – £300
  • Hand crafted woodland bench – £650
  • A5 Brass Plaque – £80
  • Burial Fee – £675
  • Ash interment fee – £185
  • Surcharge on services with over 20 attendees – £110

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