After losing a loved one, it’s natural to feel unsure about where to scatter or bury their ashes. It’s important that the place we choose is lasting, personal and private, so that we can reflect on our memories in peace.

Our mission is to provide green burials of your loved ones ashes in a way that protects their future and the future of the habitat surrounding them.

A Modern Challenge

Sadly, we’ve found it’s become more and more difficult to find places where our loved one’s can be respectfully put to rest.

Churchyards and communal gardens are becoming overcrowded and cannot offer a permanent home, whilst many council Gardens of Remembrance require renewed payment every 5 years.

In addition, burying ashes ourselves can be more complicated than expected, with the risk that the land we choose may be redeveloped in the future.

Green Burials and Interments

Woodland Burial Company has been set up by the green initiative Faunus Group to provide lasting, personal and private resting places, within beautiful woodland surroundings.

We promise that all of our woodlands are protected for a minimum of 199 years with a percentage of all fees paid to the Woodland Burial Trust to guarantee their safeguarding.

This ensures that our woodland spaces become managed habitats for an exceptional variety of animals, birds, plants and trees. This lasting legacy doesn’t only help to restore the environment it creates an oasis of life in which the natural world can truly thrive.

A Permanent Resting Place

What’s more, unlike other alternative funeral or burial options or green burial sites, once you’ve chosen your plot, it will always be yours, and we’ll never ask you for a renewal fee, leaving you to reflect in peace, and witness new life grow in our woodlands, protected by your loved one.

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