September Social

We have been patiently waiting for our community events to start again, and we are delighted to say we have booked a September Social!

What Will Be Happening?

The plan is to begin our pond preparation, over a year later than we’d hoped. This will mean marking out the area and then checking the ground for any plants or habitats that can be safely re-homed.

Hopefully, some of our wonderful families will join us, and bring a picnic to join us for a catch up after our hard work. There will also be litter picking equipment available, and everyone is welcome. If you don’t feel able to take part in the more physical aspects, you are still welcome to join us and simply chat. We have missed you all very much.

What Do We Need?

There are some organisational needs. Everyone must sign in when they reach small car park (no car parking is available at Granville’s unless booked in advance for those with mobility issues). Hand sanitizer will be available for those who wish to use it. If people would prefer to wear face masks they are very welcome to. Being outside does make social distancing much easier. However, there are likely to be children visiting who find this much more difficult!

As there are no toilets, or communal seating (yet) at the woodland, we suggest a toilet trip at the local venues. Nearest options are the Blue Stoopes or Maggie May’s first. You may also wish to bring a camping chair, or similar, with you.

On this occasion we are going to have a picnic afterwards, it will be bring your own, we will supply some drinks. During the Winter months, we will perhaps book a hot meal?

After our September Social… Our community events¬†will continue on the last Saturday of each month. Sign up to our Newsletter to make sure you receive the dates and intended activity – NEWSLETTER SIGN UP.