New Year Resolutions

In the UK we are starting the New Year with another lockdown, so it may be that you haven’t bothered with any Resolutions for 2021? Often January is a good month to think about creating new habits or starting new projects. There is a whole year ahead to complete them.

Our Plans

We have lots of hopes for 2021 at the Woodland Burial Company and one of our first jobs this month is to send out our Winter Newsletter. If you’d like to sign up, you still have time, just click on the link here x

One New Year Resolution we can all make for this year, is that we don’t leave any litter during our walks.  We can also support wildlife by picking up any we do find.

Loose Litter

Litter is a huge problem in our modern world of throwaway products and individually wrapped snacks and drinks. Anything food related will smell tempting to passing wildlife and they will investigate.

This is an even bigger problem in the Winter months, when food is scarce. Sadly, this will often result in them eating something harmful, or inedible and becoming ill.

Often small animals become trapped, for example in plastic bags or drinks cans. Not only is this a tragedy for the local environment, but much of the litter could be recycled instead of binned in the first place.


At Woodland Burial Company we have regular litter picks in the wider Walton Woods, but also in other areas local to our staff or families.

These are friendly and social occasions and will form part of our monthly get togethers once we are allowed to meet in groups again.

It’s often easier to use a litter picker. They are cheap to buy, or often available from local Councils or environmental organisations. We also sort a bag for recycling and one that can’t be ‘saved’.

Regular litter picks in your local area can also offer opportunities to chat with people and you may be surprised by the gratitude and thanks you receive.

If you are taking a daily walk as part of your routine during lockdown, why not take a bread bag or cereal inner and do a little litter pick on your way? Every item you remove makes a positive impact.