New Prices for 2021

Every January we take a look at our prices. This year we have just three new prices for 2021.

How Do We Decide?

The inspiration for Woodland Burial Company came from our founders (Simon) Dad, Granville. His words of wisdom were that companies that made a profit, and used that money wisely and with care, could do much more good than a organisation with more restrictions.

We don’t strive to make big profits. We do think it’s important to pay our staff a living wage, and to use a supply chain that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. This can mean our costs are higher. When working out the cost of our services, we balance our business needs with an awareness of funeral poverty and our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. It can be a complex process.

For 2021 we have been able to keep our Ashes Nooks at the same price, we have increased the price of our Burial Nooks only. We have not added to our burial fees or other Legacy Additions.

What Do Our Profits Do?

While 2020 was a tough year for many people, and for many reasons. We hope that we have struck the right balance between profit and people, between providing a premium service and being affordable. As always, we love to hear from our families and improve what we do. Leaving a review or testimonial, or just sending us an email is really helpful.

Despite the restrictions last year, we were able to support a number of projects. One was diversifying our wood for habitat piles, by working with a local tree surgeon to get a better range of species. This will encourage a great mix of inhabitants. We also improved our signage and communication on site and via our Newsletter. Our new community events were well received on the two occasions we managed to hold them! While behind the scenes we have been working hard to make sure our processes and procedures are tip top.

We were also very proud to take part in UK Grief Awareness Week in December.

Here’s hoping that this year brings some more positive local and global news x