Foraging Fun!

Why Foraging?

Last weekend members of staff and some of our families at Woodland Burial Company, enjoyed a morning foraging in Walton Woods.

It’s the start of our new monthly, Community Events, for those who would like to enjoy the Woodland with others. It is of course, primarily, a place of quiet reflection and a burial site. But many of us who have chosen it for our loved ones, also love and respect the woodland for it’s many other wonderful attributes.

Buying a nook in the Woods gives you access from the day of your purchase, you can personalise your area (in keeping with our Wildlife Management Plan), and use it to enjoy for years to come. Your nook can also be bequeathed in your Will, so will stay in your family for generations.

What’s Next?

When becoming one of our ‘families’, you join a community of like minded people. It can be nice to meet and share with other bereaved families, for those who wish to. You can find our ‘dates’ for the rest of 2020 here. We are also planning a Festive Meal in December at our nearest and favourite pub – the Blue Stoops.

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, and being a sustainable business means we are always looking for ways to match our work to our ethics. Foraging and encouraging others to think about what they eat and the travel miles of food, food waste etc all fits in well with Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption.

What did we find?

We managed to forage blackberries, sloes and the hazelnuts are close to being ready. You can make all sorts of things with these free fruits – and we have two ideas for you here:


Keep in touch

If you go foraging, or make something stunning, do let us know or send a photo. Our Facebook page is very active and we have a closed group for those with a closer connection to Granville’s Wood.