Consecrated Ground

We are often asked about consecrated ground at Granville’s Wood. The quick answer is ‘yes’, you can arrange for your nook to be consecrated by your chosen faith.


Woodland Burial & Religion

One of the reasons people often choose a woodland burial is to avoid links to religion. Sometimes there is more than one faith within a family, and so the woodland offers neutral ground. For many of our families there is no religious connection, or even strong anti-religious feelings which make a woodland attractive.

However, for those who would like to, you can have a religious service. Several of our nooks have been consecrated, this is short process by the chosen faith leader, usually on the same day as the funeral. It can be done in advance, and we can arrange a suitable time once your nook is prepared.

Granville’s Wood has welcomed the Bishop of Sheffield and local vicars too. It’s important to us that each family is able to have the resting place that best fits the wishes of their loved one. While we do have some restrictions, and are not suitable for everyone, consecrated ground something we can include.


Choosing Granville’s Wood

The process for choosing a nook is quite simple. Firstly, you book a visit to the woodland with one of our team, usually our Funerals & Families Manager, Beccy. During the visit you will be shown a few suitable areas depending on the type of nook you are looking for (ashes or burial). Our woodland has to be carefully managed to make sure there is as little disruption as possible to the ground, and that we utilise the space efficiently.

Once you have chosen the area, you will be given our Terms & Conditions to check over and any extra visits or information can be arranged. Then we send you a quote, and once confirmed, an invoice. Once that is paid, you continue to work with Beccy on the initial nook layout. A photo will be sent to you, showing how things are progressing.

This process then continues, we send a regular quarterly newsletter, and you can add items to your nook as you wish. Visiting on foot is available at any time of day or night. We have those who like to meet up with others, and often arrange this via our Families Facebook Group. Others like to watch the sunrise in peace, alone.