Nature Book Club

Our passion for the environment and nature has led to an unexpected Book Club. Each month we have a book on the natural world to read, ponder and discuss in a new Facebook Group.

Book Club

The first month ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohellben was a fascinating read. Suggesting that trees are able to defend themselves from attack by sending toxic chemicals to their leaves. They can also ‘communicate’ via their root system and fungi, a Wood Wide Web!

Both fascinating and illuminating, it is well worth a read. Although it may make adding logs to a fire a more emotional experience…

March 2021

We read ‘Rewild Yourself’ by Simon Barnes. A slightly different book, offering twenty three ideas to bring more nature into your daily life. Without wanting to give too much away, this fabulous photograph taken at Granville’s Wood by Laura Turner from Fuzzfox. It is a clue to the first suggestion.

While questions and thoughts are welcome on the monthly book thread at any time, please don’t leave any ‘spoilers’ before the 26th of each month.


April 2021

Currently we are reading ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree and it’s a fascinating story of an intensive, traditional farm becoming a beacon of rewilding success.

Requests or Recommendations

Perhaps you have recently read a great book on a suitable topic? As our concerns about the world around us increase there has been a raft of new books on a many environmental and ‘green’ issues. We hope to cover a interesting mix of topics over the year.

Books on Grief

If you ever need suggested books on grief, either for yourself or a loved one, we have two posts that may prove useful. One is five books when supporting children, and one for adults.