Beautiful Bulbs

Each Spring we marvel at the beautiful bulbs that bring such colour and joy. Having laid dormant for the Winter, it is always a wonderful surprise when they poke their shoots from the earth. They remind us of the changing seasons.

Last week we offered some ways to celebrate Spring, and this week is all about the beautiful bulbs.


Granville’s Wood has an amazing carpet of bluebells. These are native and specific to the woodland, making up part of the protected status of the area. We are therefore not allowed to plant more bluebells currently. This seems very unfair to some of our visitors, and we look at the ‘why’s in a post just about bluebells. The task of restoring the woodland is a long term one, and we take it very seriously. The risk of bringing in a pest or other invasive species is quite high when we don’t know the origin of items.

Woodland Flowers

The good news, is that we can plant other kinds of flowers. However, we have to be able to trace the origin of them. So, we have found an amazing organisation called Habitat Aid. This is a non-profit that work with growers in the UK to source native plants. Bulbs are available from the end of the Summer, so we have a list of families that would like to be kept informed.

If you’d like to be added to the list, you can get in touch with Below is the list of bulbs we are able to add at Granville’s Wood, these can be planted by us or by the family. Claire can also send over this list if you want to take a longer look.

They will need to be in the ground by the start of the Winter, ready to surprise us again next Spring.