Celebrate Spring

There are two first days of Spring to celebrate. The meterological (1st March) and astronomical (20th March). Our Five Friday Favourites this month are ideas to celebrate this move from darkness to light, as the days grow longer.

  1. Watch the Sunrise. Watching a new dawn can be a very moving experience. Whether alone or shared, it might be a once in a lifetime experience. You can find out what time sunrise will be where you live using this website. Remember that Granville’s Wood is open every day of the year and accessible on foot at any time.
  2. Cook an Egg. A traditional association with Spring is eggs, they appear as an example of the new life and new potential that Spring brings. They are so evocative of the season that have found their way into many traditions at this time of year. You could simply have a boiled egg and soldiers one morning, or if you don’t eat eggs you could try something egg shaped… and possibly made of chocolate?
  3. Bring Nature In. Enjoying the colour of the season is another lovely way to celebrate Spring. Having some flowers or a few sprigs of blossom indoors can be a welcome spot of nature. Planting seeds to grow on a windowsill can also feel a positive step.
  4. Get Fresh Air. After the early darkness of Winter, people often feel more able to venture outdoors in Spring. There are many health benefits to being outside. Both physical effects of sunshine and exercise and mental health improvements from spending time in nature and sleeping better (a common benefit of more fresh air).
  5. Learn More. While you may still be in lockdown, there are still ways to explore the world around us. It can be fascinating to see how other cultures celebrate Spring, you could watch the traditional Mayan Spring celebration at Chichen Itza in Mexico by looking online.

New seasons offer a chance to reflect and also enjoy the moment. At Granville’s Wood we are excited to see the bluebells and other spring flowers peeking out. We will soon be able to see and hear the new chicks that will be in their nests all around us. Our own plans for the longer days and (hopefully) drier weather are also very exciting. More to come on that soon.