Awareness Days

What a busy week! We like to use Awareness Days to highlight how our work fits in with wider local or global efforts. They can be a fun way to inspire each other, or on more serious topics that give us pause for thought.

Recently, you may have noticed us get involved with:

And there are more to come…


As well as being informative or fun; Awareness Days also allow us to work together with larger organisations, which helps our message to reach more people. Last year we were proud to partner with the Good Grief Trust for their Umbrella Day.

Making our voice heard on issues that are important, like environmentally positive funerals or woodland restoration, means our business can thrive. By being a successful business, we can have a bigger impact and grow our work. We hope to be able to add a second woodland in 2021.


Moving Forward.

Another excellent purpose to Awareness Days is to spread knowledge and encourage discovery of new topics or important issues. Sometimes, like Biscuit Day, they are just the chance to acknowledge a small gesture that could have a really positive impact on someone’s day.