Umbrella Day February 10th

We are so excited to announce that we will be a pilot site for a new initiative from The Good Grief Trust. As part of their Umbrella Day celebrations on February 10th 2021, they are asking organisations that work with people experiencing grief, to offer an ‘umbrella’, both real and supportive.

Pilot Site

As a pilot site, Granville’s Wood will have three umbrellas available in the community shed. With the unpredictable British weather, and no buildings or cover, they will be a wonderful asset. They will be available from this weekend, and officially launched on Umbrella Day.

Woodland Burial Company also offer wider support with a range of free downloads on common topics around grief and grieving. Our staff are all experienced in working with big emotions and have no qualms about being a shoulder to cry on.

Other pilot sites include Crematoria and NHS buildings, offering an umbrella when someone may need a moment on their own or a short walk and some fresh air.

The Good Grief Trust

We were proud to take part in the UK Grief Awareness Week back in December 2020, organised by the Trust. They have been operating since 2016. Bringing all the agencies available to people experiencing grief under one umbrella. Their website offers a link to over 800 niche, specialist and generalist organisations.

During the additional stresses of the global pandemic, the Trust CEO Linda Magistris said;

“As the death toll continues to rise and the pandemic continues to put increased pressure on front line staff, it is vital everybody who is struggling with grief knows there is a breadth of immediate support available under our umbrella.”

Individuals can also get involved by sharing the Trust’s message, and by supporting them by buying a pin badge.


All the staff at Woodland Burial Company have been wearing theirs with pride.

As Umbrella Day unfolds, we hope to have some great images and articles which we will share on our social media accounts. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter x