Winter Photo Competition

We are proud to present the winners of our Winter Photo Competition.

We had such fun reading all of wonderful stories from each of the entries. In the end we sent a prize to them all! Now we need to decide on a theme for our Spring competition, which will be announced in our newsletter next week.

Keeping in touch with our families and our wider community is really important. We have really missed the monthly community events and are looking forward to planning for them to start again very soon. When we meet the immediate family during the ‘nook finding’ process, it’s only the start of a long term relationship, often including extended family and friends.

Many thanks to all the winners of our Winter photo competition, who represent this wider community perfectly. As the prizes have now arrived, we can also thank Woolla Woolla Homemade for the brilliant reusable straw pouches. We were even able to find ones that matched the entries, what an amazing choice of fabrics you have…

Our work may be very localised by geography, but our impact can be much larger. 2021 looks to be a very exciting year for us, and we can’t wait!