Tree Binding

Recently, we have been working with families to remove all tree binding –  items wrapped around living trees – at Granville’s Wood.

What is tree binding?

In other settings, it could be a hammock rope, signs and barriers. At Granville’s Wood, it’s more likely to be decorative. Tree binding is quite harmful to growing trunks, and we have had evidence of trees in distress. Bindings include memorial items used, including bunting and flower holders. We know these items have been added with love, not malice.

Families have been encouraged to add any ‘wrapping’ items to their bench or plinth if they have them. We appreciate that such items often hold important meaning, and have worked individually to find solutions.

Our restoration of Granville’s Wood is a long term project. Each year we are able to focus on different aspects of the project. This is also why our Legacy Additions sometimes change, are updated, or become unavailable for a time. It’s important that we have the needs of the Woodland in balance with the needs of our families.


Why does it matter?

Other tree professionals feel the same! This article by Arborist Now explains the problem in more detail.

Also, we understand there are several ways to mitigate the damage. However, Granville’s Wood aims to be as ‘natural’ as possible, so items wrapped around trees doesn’t fit with our ethos.

Trees are remarkably resilient and they will continue to grow. However, we like to keep them as healthy as possible.

Tree binding is now a thing of the past, and so we are  grateful to all of the families that have been so understanding and accommodating during our discussions. 

If you have any bound trees at home, you may want to consider alternatives?