Rescue Mission

We’ve had a rescue mission!

Back at the start of the Summer, one of our Directors rescued a baby blackbird, isn’t he beautiful?

New Friend

Named Timmy, he made a home with them and they nurtured him into adolescence. Generally you shouldn’t interfere with wild birds unless you are experienced in this field. Finding an injured bird, or one that appears abandoned does happen. It’s always best to contact your nearest wildlife centre for specialist support.

Small birds may still be at the nesting stage, or have already become a fledgling. This will have a big impact on how it’s best to help them. If a bird is clearly injured, you can carefully place it in a small container, lined with paper towel and take it to a wildlife centre or vet.

Wild birds eat a specialist diet and would need round the clock care. Timmy was lucky to be found by two experts! You can find out more about Blackbirds, and other birds too on the Wildlife Garden Project website.

Naturally, the most obvious place to release their new friend back into the wild, was in the beautiful surroundings of Granville’s Wood.  Readily available were spare bird houses, and of course lots of habitat piles attracting insects to eat and a good supply of worms too.

Longer Rescue Mission

We are hoping to work with some small and local wildlife rescue centres, offering the sanctuary of Granville’s Wood for appropriate native animals.  Working to return the area to it’s natural environment means we are creating an eco-system that can support a rich mix of species and that is good news for everyone!

Listen to the beauty of nature!

It was a special day when our Site Manager, Andy, released him into the Woodland. It sounds as if he would have been happy to stay, we wish Timmy bon voyage. You can see his release here x