Pumpkins in the Woods


Do we celebrate hallowe’en in the woods? Well, no – not really. It’s a difficult festival for lots of reasons, and those experiencing grief often find it particularly tricky. We do, however, love the season of harvest and Autumn. As the leaves change and we see the woods prepare for Winter, we complete lots of tiding up jobs and embrace the abundance of colour.

Our October event this year was going to be some pumpkin and squash carving, to give the wildlife in Granville’s Wood something a bit different to eat and enjoy.

Sadly, all of our events are ‘on hold’ until the current Covid-19 restrictions are eased.

Are pumpkins safe for animals?

Yes! Pumpkins are a nutritious feast for many of the animals we find in the woods, including squirrels, badgers, foxes and birds. They can also make a wonderful bird feeder as a more sustainable option. As animals can struggle to find food at this time of year, leaving your carved pumpkin in the garden for them to enjoy can be a real boost.

What else can pumpkins be good for?

Some of our families have also used pumpkins as innovative vases for their plots, bringing wonderful colour as well as a useful and practical addition to the woodland.

All items that come into Granville’s Wood must be biodegradable, and safe. We have a Wildlife Management Plan to help us consider how we want the woodland to develop. We also have clear guidance for families when they complete the process of buying a nook. This means that any items that we consider harmful to wildlife are removed.

You may have read our post about flower tributes, or seen our recent free vases? When a need arises we work with families to find a solution that is right for people and planet.

Our bespoke nooks have included games for children, a one glass bar, bird tables, benches for the tall and the small. We strive to make sure that each family has what they need to enjoy their space as much as possible. where desired. Some of our plots are left completely for nature to take it course. It really is as varied as that.