Native Plants Part 2…

Last week’s blog was all about the problems of non-native plants invading our UK Woodlands. It’s such an important topic, we’re highlighting it again this week!

Trees in Danger

There are several potential pests, which usually arrive from imported plants and trees, or non-native ones. They are then planted without being checked adequately, and often without having the care they need. The biggest problem currently is against our national tree, the Oak.

Oak Processionary Moth is a serious issue. There is much more detail in this leaflet from the Forestry Commission. This tiny creature can harm people and livestock as well as our much loved oak trees. We keep a watch on the trees at Granville’s Wood, for this and other nasties,  including Dutch Elm disease and Ash dieback, both big hitters decimating UK woodlands and forests.

We hope this helps people to understand why we want to source all the planting for our woodland. That will mean that responsibly sourced and locally grown items are likely to be more expensive, but imagine the cost if we lost all the oaks?


As we mentioned last week, the other popular addition to plots is planting bulbs. Again, these are beautiful and add colour and joy in the Spring, but they must come from native species. It’s also important to remember that people should also not remove living things from the woods. The native cycle requires everything to remain where it is (the odd pinecone is perhaps the exception…).


When people purchase a nook from us, they also receive a list of our Rules and Regulations. These explain how we operate and why it’s important. As many of our visitors are not plot holders, but friends, family or local walkers we have created some graphics with our guidelines on, and will be sharing them over social media.


We have a list of the Legacy Additions people can add to their nook, including planting ideas. If you would like a copy we can send one to you, just email us at x