Baby Loss Support

Baby Loss Support is something we take very seriously. Sadly, some of our families have joined our community at Granville’s Wood after the loss of a child. As many more of our families are likely to have been affected too, we thought it may be useful to have a single post with a range of support options.

We have chosen this time of  year, as it is Baby Loss Awareness Week. After the Wave of Light event, which may have started conversations and triggered memories.

Specialist Charities

There are many organisations, often run by bereaved parents, that offer specialist support. Here are a few.


General Grief Support

Alongside these specialist services, there are also umbrella organisations that offer general support,. They may have links to more local choices. The one that covers most organisations is The Good Grief Trust.

When doing some research, or asking a trusted person to, you may also find alternative support ideas. For example, several football teams for bereaved dad’s have been set up around the country. To find them you can search for Angels United, or for the local one to Granville’s Wood, look up Men United.

Most of these organisations have a strong presence on social media, and if you have found them helpful, or are able to offer them any support they are all in need of funds and volunteers too.


Granville’s Wood

When we welcome a family that has experienced the death of a child to Granville’s Wood, we do try to understand the unique loss they have gone through. Two of our staff are also part of that most unwelcome ‘club’. It may be in offering sources of support, liasing with the Children’s Funeral Fund, or discussing bespoke elements of a nook or funeral.

Hopefully, together with family, friends and professionals we can support families through their bereavement.



All the information was correct at the time of publishing.