Love Parks Week

Love Parks Week this year runs from 29th July – 5th August.

It’s a celebration of all our wonderful, free, green spaces, organised by Keep Britain Tidy. As we love green spaces and litter picking, it feels a good week for us to join in with.



Things To Do

Some ways to enjoy the week might include:

  • FInd a new park to explore, even if you are away from home.
  • Completing the Park Bingo for a bit of fun.
  • Doing a litter pick in a local park.
  • Sitting for a while and watching the world go by.
  • If you feel there isn’t a local park that is up to standard, you could write to express your views to your local MP.


Love Parks Week

When visitors come across Granville’s Wood, they are often surprised to find a burial ground in the woodland. We like to think of ourselves as a ‘best kept secret’ in the area.

We encourage people to visit and enjoy the bird song and beauty of Granville’s Wood. There is a sign explaining to visitors the behaviour we expect, and we generally find people are very respectful and thoughtful as they walk around the paths.

Close by, there is a public park with play activities for children and lots of open space for dogs to run and chase around. In the wider Walton Woods, there is a mix of privately owned land and public footpaths, most are clearly marked. The local community have loved the area for a long time, and treat the woodland with care.