Granville Graham

Named after a Canadian friend of his father, called Graham Granville.
03.01.1946 – 18.02.2009 born and raised in Manchester.

As a young boy he always had a passion for gardening. Loved growing, showing and, of course, winning certificates for his gladioli. At 15-16 he started an apprenticeship with Manchester parks. Really enjoyed it but sadly was diagnosed with diabetes. In the early 60’s he was told that it was not advisable that he worked with the soil and spades and forks!

Though, totally gutted, he never lost his passion and would take cuttings and seeds from wherever he went. He was married and had four children – always trying to get them interested in gardening.

He loved the hustle, bustle and excitement of family life but, in contrast, enjoyed the peace in the garden!
Tried his hand at veg but, unfortunately, the family didn’t see much produce as we had the fattest slugs and caterpillars around! This was because he was against using chemicals/pesticides – thus he gave up on that one.
He loved nature and creating habitats for all the creatures/insects that came in the garden.
He had hedgehog ‘dens’ made from piles of twigs and leaves, worm bins, scented flowers for the bees, watering stations for the birds etc etc.

One of his other enjoyments was walking through the woods with the dog, observing everything changing over the seasons. He regularly collected seeds and acorns, germinated them, grew them on and then planted them out in his favourite wood. He did this to help protect native seed banks, he sought no praise, reward or thanks – it’s just the way he was.

He was involved in helping create a sensory garden for the blind society and also one of peace and calm at the local hospice.

Sadly his life was suddenly cut short when he was 63. One consolation, he passed away in his favourite place – the garden!

It’s through his teachings and philosophy on the natural world that the Woodland Burial Company was born. We hope we have created something that would of made him proud and be a suitable legacy for such an inspirational and great man.

We will always miss him.