Dogs in the Woods

We are often asked about dogs in the woods, so here is the lowdown.


Are dogs allowed at Granville’s Wood? 

Yes! We have lots of families with dogs, and they are most welcome. However, they do have to be on a lead while at Granville’s.

What about the wider Walton Woods? 

Well, much of the woodland is owned privately by different people. While most are happy to have well behaved dogs and owners walking on the paths, you may sometimes see a request to avoid a certain area. This might be because of some planting they have done, or to protect a ground habitat.

As with all walks, you should be able to see your dog at all times, and it should be under control (especially returning to you when called).

Are there any dog poo bins? 

No. There are no rubbish or dog bins at Walton Woods. Please clean up after your dog, and yourselves, and take your litter home to dispose of properly. We have a whole post on the problems of dog poo HERE. Being responsible for waste is part of choosing to take your dogs in the woods.

Can dog walkers use the area? 

There are a  number of professional dog walkers using Walton Woods, many of whom we have got to know as we see them regularly. You are likely to meet other dogs while walking at the woods, if your dog doesn’t cope well with others, you may need to try different times of day for a quiet visit.

Granville’s Wood isn’t really suitable as they are not free to roam, however the wider woods has acres of space. Watch out for the pools of water though!

Is it muddy there? 

Like all woodlands, you need suitable footwear and a towel for the dog. The main paths can get muddy, but inside the pine areas and Granville’s the paths are covered in a layer of pine needles that make them good to walk on all year round.