New in the Shed…

We strive to be an open and welcoming space for all our families and visitors. Granville’s Wood is beautiful at all times of the year with much to discover and enjoy.

What’s in the Shed?

Recently, we added a small shed at the Woods, for families to leave bird food or any other personal items that made their visit easier. The shed has a padlock and has proved very useful. We have had a few ‘incidents’ with mice getting inside and eating all the seed… they are certainly tenacious!

After a review, we are thinking of having a communal ‘seed bin’ made of metal and with a lockable lid. This would mean the mice would be less likely to steal the food. This way we could also make sure the food on offer was appropriate for our native wildlife. Hopefully we can work with a small local retailer to supply the best quality food for the species at Granville’s.

New Addition

Another new addition to the Shed has been a children’s backpack full of exploring, learning and fun equipment. Families visiting the woods can borrow the backpack, and return it again when they leave. We think it will be useful for funerals with children attending, or people visiting with grandchildren, or unexpected visits on a whim.

Inside the pack we have some excellent items from specialist sites including identification cards (you can also play snap with them) from Little Robin Education. In addition, thereĀ are also colouring sheets and a Scavenger Hunt from Mrs Mactivity. As a special extra we also have a Winter Scavenger Hunt you can download here, to use at home or on your next trip to the woods.


Extra Ideas

If you have any ideas for communal items or ways of working at the woods to make it an even more welcoming space, do let us know. We are an evolving service, but still a small team, eager to share our passion for native wildlife and woodlands.

You can contact us at or 0115 939 9030.