Big Garden Bird Watch

For the whole weekend the RSPB are asking us all to take part in their Big Garden Bird Watch. It’s a great way to help record how our native species are doing, by simply counting what you see and completing the forms.

What to do…

Everything you need to take part is here. There is also a quiz and other activities on their website and social media accounts.

Why take part?

Keeping data on species numbers in all of our native wildlife and plant life allows scientists to monitor the impact of a variety of things on these numbers. The more data they have, the more conclusions they can draw. Events like this, which are fun and easy to take part in, are a brilliant way to help.

If you have children around you, it’s also a friendly way to encourage an interest in nature and the living world around them. The Big Garden Bird Watch takes place every year at the end of January, so you can add it to your calendar.

You need to make sure your results are uploaded by 19th February. 

This is also part of the Sustainable Development Goal – Life on Land. If we know more we can do more. Our staff will all be taking part, some at home and some at Granville’s Wood. It is also a good exercise for us to complete annually to inform our Wildlife Management Plan and see what species we are support, and perhaps what more we need to do for others.

How to help native birds

We can all help bird numbers by thinking about the following things:

  • Adding a feeding station or water source to our garden, outside wall or balcony.
  • Keeping food and water sources topped up, especially in Winter.
  • Buying the best quality food specifically for native species.
  • Litter picking when we have our daily walk.

You can download a FREE garden bird checklist from Mrs Mactivity HERE.